Juuse Saros Big Head Bobblehead

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Design Features:
Head: Oversized in comparison to the body, capturing Juuse Saros's likeness with detailed facial features including his characteristic focused expression and on-ice determination.
Uniform: Meticulously crafted in the 2023 All-Star colors, featuring the logo on the jersey.
Goalie Gear: Includes a miniaturized replica of Saros's goalie pads, glove, and blocker, adorned with accurate color schemes and branding as per his actual gear. The stick is carefully sculpted to resemble the one he uses in games.
Base: Sturdy, circular base ensuring stability, branded with Saros's name and the Nashville Predators logo. The base has a faux-ice appearance, adding to the hockey theme.
Pose: Depicts Saros in a dynamic goalie stance, ready to make a save, which reflects his agility and skill on the ice.